In summer 2012, Seven Arrows East put into action plans to build a small, diversified educational CSA farm to work in conjunction with the retreats that take place regularly here. In Spring of 2013, we hit the ground running. Feeding about 38 families, countless retreat groups and ourselves in that first growing season.


We aim to provide our CSA members and guests with nutrient dense organic food grown with exceptional love and care. Teachers now have the ability to design retreats and workshops that utilize the farm such as harvest days, permaculture design, herbal medicinal workshops, natural beauty care, wild foraging, canning & preserving, beekeeping, mycoculture (mushroom cultivation), cider pressing and small plot gardening techniques. It is our hope to make Seven Arrows a completely unified teaching homestead.


The farm also functions as a learning place for those aspiring to dabble in some form of agriculture. Workshops on subjects ranging from Beekeeping to Food Preservation, Goat Husbandry to Garden Planning all will be available year round. You can check for upcoming classes on our Eventbrite page while we continue to make improvements to our Upcoming Events page.

If you would like to schedule a visit to the farm, please email us to arrange a time and date.

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